Free trade test area shoulder with the “Belt and Road” convergence task


China’s economy in the face of structural adjustment and development mode into the core of the new norm, but also urgent need to be in the face of international economic and political aspects of the challenges brought about by changes in the economy, Cultivating the development of new kinetic energy, and the combination of “Belt and Road” and the construction of free trade area provides the way and way for China to deepen the reform through further expansion and opening up. Especially when the external overall environment is not conducive to the development of trade and investment liberalization, But also through the promotion of multilateral and regional trade negotiations to expand the international market, while vigorously building a free trade pilot area, through independent expansion and opening up to explore institutional innovation, national strategy to serve to create a new model of reform and opening up.

        September 20, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance, Special Postdoctoral Research Station, Social Science Literature Publishing House jointly organized the “Free Trade Zone Blue Book: China Free Trade Zone Development Report (2017)” conference held in Beijing. The report pointed out that in the “one by one” initiative, China’s policies should actively serve the construction of free trade zones, at the same time, with the countries along the signed free trade agreement should also fully reflect the “one way” principle and spirit , To achieve China’s domestic policy and “along the way” along the national standards, to achieve “all the way” and China’s free trade zone strategy of unity, with “all the way” on China’s free trade zone network expansion and upgrading, thereby strengthening China ‘s political and economic cooperation with neighboring countries. In this process, we should pay particular attention to the construction and upgrading of free trade zones with major trading partners or trading partners of significant free trade area network construction. As the current “along the way” along the country, only a dozen countries and China signed a free trade agreement, and these countries the economy is generally small, the level of development is not high, which on the “one way” smooth implementation Had a hindrance. Therefore, we should focus on the development of the “free trade zone” with the “free trade area” and the upgrading of the built free trade zone. The construction of the “free trade zone” has been carried out so that the ” Level of economic and trade cooperation. In this way, through the “one by one” and the FTA strategy of mutual integration and promotion, will be more in international economic and trade cooperation and international rule making issued more Chinese voice, into more Chinese elements.

It is noteworthy that the development strategy of many countries along the way is closely related to the construction of “one side”, such as Laos through the interconnection to become the hub of the neighboring countries, And the logistics infrastructure project as the core of the “bright road” program, Indonesia to infrastructure construction as the core of the “global ocean fulcrum” development plan, the United Kingdom aims to improve the competitiveness of the northern city of the North economic engine planning, because these countries are In cooperation with our country has established or planned to establish a free trade area partners, so the effective docking between the two sides can produce a larger project benchmarking, but also for the overall economic and trade cooperation between countries have a strong driving effect.

It can be said that most of the 11 free trade pilot areas in our country are charged with the direct task of docking with the “one side” construction, such as the “Yangtze River Economic Zone” and “the way” “China (Shanghai) Free Trade Experimental Zone is the first free trade pilot area in China to be included in the” One Way “vision and action plan, with important functions and functions such as interconnection of infrastructure, financial gathering and so on. China (Guangdong) Trade pilot area is mainly through the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” along the country and regional economic and trade exchanges, to create logistics, investment, trade hub for the “21st century Maritime Silk Road” construction services; and as a ” (Tianjin) Free Trade Experimental Zone will play its own advantages and promote the port radiation capacity of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. As the core area of ​​the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road”, China (Fujian) Free Trade Experimental Zone Can play the ancient “Maritime Silk Road” starting point of historical and cultural advantages, to strengthen and along the country’s Liaoning Province as one of the 18 important provinces and autonomous regions in the planning of “one area along the way”, which is mainly responsible for the opening of the China-Mongolia Economic Corridor and the Northeast Asian region. The establishment of a free trade pilot area will also enhance the Northeast The overall competitiveness of the industrial base and the level of opening to the outside world. Similar to Shanghai, Zhejiang Province is also at the intersection of the Yangtze River Economic Zone and the Silk Road at sea. The establishment of the Free Trade Experimental Zone with Ningbo and Zhoushan Port as the core will be China’s new round of opening to the outside world portal; as the inland provinces, Henan Province in the “Silk Road Economic Zone” hub position, the establishment of free trade pilot area will help improve the overall opening of China’s level and the central region of coordination Development level; Hubei Province as a “zone along the way” international production capacity of the model provinces, the establishment of free trade pilot area will help the province to speed up the “step out” the pace of “help out” the road “building”; Chongqing as China’s Midwest The only municipality directly under the central government, located in the “area along the way” and “Yangtze River Economic Zone” connection, set up freedom Easy to test area marked the opening of China’s western region of the city’s opening efforts; similar to Chongqing, Sichuan Province in the construction of free trade pilot area is conducive to explore in line with China’s inland, especially the western region of the actual situation of the open mechanism to enhance and Shaanxi Province as the “core of the Silk Road economic zone,” the core area, the establishment of free trade pilot area is conducive to play “along the way” building on the western development of the leading role in the development of the western region, And improve the level of economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchange between the inland areas and the “one side along the way”.

In fact, in order to achieve the construction of China’s free trade pilot area and “one way” construction of the successful docking, must be supported by an effective national strategy. It can be seen that since the establishment of the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Experimental Zone has accumulated a lot of successful experience through the “first try”, in the next construction, the success of the eastern coastal areas should be based on the existing development ideas Experience in the development of other free trade pilot areas, in Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Fujian and other free trade pilot area on the basis of the central and western regions to promote, popularize, expand and improve these basic experience, at the same time, (The next step can be carried out along the free trade pilot area construction work), so that more provinces and countries to participate in, and then improve the free trade pilot area construction and the “free trade pilot area” The construction of docking efficiency, so as to China’s free trade pilot area to create more opportunities for China’s economic and social development to provide new impetus and security.

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