More to start or brew free trade port market main body will have more room for innovation


Recently, Shanghai Municipality has already submitted the proposal of building a free trade port to the relevant state ministries for comments. Another source said that Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and many other places are in the process of starting or planning to explore the free trade port. Analysis pointed out that if the future free trade port landing, the main body of market innovation is expected to gain more space.

The Central Government has taken the initiative to build a free trade port

Right now, there are already 11 free trade pilot zones in China. Recently, free trade ports with more open advantages have quietly “surfaced”.

The contents of the free trade port appeared for the first time in the report of the 19th CPC Congress. Put forward higher requirements for the construction of experimental fields for reform and opening up, and pointed out a new direction. In his report, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out: “Give more freedom to reform the free trade pilot zone and explore a free trade port.”

On November 10, Vice Premier Wang Yang wrote in his article entitled People’s Daily that a free port is a special area that is set up outside the territory of a country (region) and frees up its personnel for goods and materials and exempts most goods from tariffs. It is the region with the highest level of opening up to the world Economic function area. Pudong CPPCC members who participate in the construction of the free trade zone and Gu Hongmei, Commissioner of Yangshan Customs, put it more succinctly: “In short, a free trade port is a free trade zone in the free trade zone.”

At present, according to the unified arrangements of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce, together with relevant provinces, municipalities and departments, will, on the basis of building a free trade zone at a high standard and a high standard, focus on establishing a free trade zone Actively carry out the work.

Many domestic “wind move”

Shanghai is undoubtedly the “vanguard” in advancing the establishment of a free trade port. Recently, Pudong New Area Mayor and Shanghai Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee Deputy Director Hangyong Wei said: “At present, Shanghai has proposed the construction of free trade port program to the relevant state ministries for comments. Next Pudong will work with the relevant departments to do Good area seines, regulatory platform construction work, to prepare for the official start. ”

In fact, as early as March this year, in the “Comprehensively Deepening the Reform and Opening-up Plan of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone”, it is mentioned that Shanghai will set up a special customs control zone in Yangshan Bonded Port Area and Shanghai Pudong Airport Bonded Area Within the establishment of “free trade port area.”

In other provinces and cities, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Shaanxi and other places have successively expressed their readiness to build a free trade port. Yan Qingmin, director of the Tianjin Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, once said that Tianjin Free Trade Zone commissioned Nankai University China Free Trade Zone Research Center to carry out the construction of an upgraded version of the free trade zone in Tianjin, a strategic study, which proposed to explore the construction of a free trade port The development of offshore finance, the development of offshore trade and entrepot trade and a series of experimental tasks. Zhejiang proposed the commodity investment facilitation and trade liberalization with the oil industry chain as the core and took the lead in exploring the idea of ​​building a free trade port in Zhoushan. Even Shaanxi, a landlocked province, wants to share a slice of it. In September this year, Shaanxi indicated that it will build a free port of China inland trade in Xi’an.

The main innovation will be more space

The reason why all localities are so keen on free trade port because of its openness and convenience features will be a huge boost to economic development and market innovation will also have more space.

Specifically, the high level of free trade port opening up, excellent business environment, strong radiation effect, for promoting innovation and development of open economy is of great significance. In addition to trade, free trade ports can also implement international, financial, foreign exchange, investment and immigration and other management systems to create an “offshore” environment. FTAs are further deepened compared to the FTA and will create more opportunities for the development of innovative industries.

Exploring and building a free trade port is also a vivid manifestation of creating a higher level pattern of opening up to the outside world in our country. This will help China to participate more deeply in the global deployment of quality productive forces. By further innovating and releasing dividends for reform and opening up, it will help our country to participate better To global economic activity.

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