Overseas evaluation: BRICS as a new bright spot in the world economy Free trade for the benefit of the five peoples


September of Xiamen, breeze blowing, “colored sail” flying in the Lujiang River. China, Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, the leaders gathered here to “deepen the BRICS partnership, open up a more bright future” as the theme, talk about Free trade cooperation and development.

On the afternoon of September 3, Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the BRICS Industry and Commerce Forum and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Co-sponsoring the second Golden G President Xi Jinping said in his speech, in the era of great changes in the great changes in the adjustment, the law of the jungle of the jungle, you lose my win zero game is no longer in line with the logic of the times, peace, development, cooperation, win-win situation has become a common voice of all peoples The BRIC cooperation in such a large background came into being, the BRIC countries with the pursuit of peace and development of the common desire to come together. President Xi Jinping stressed that the BRIC countries should work together to create the second “Golden Decade” for the BRICS, so that the fruits of cooperation will benefit the people of the five countries so that the welfare of world peace and development will benefit the people of all countries.

The presence of eight enthusiastic applause is the recognition of the BRIC countries’ outstanding achievements over the past 10 years and the outstanding contribution to the world, and the expectation of a clear future development goal for BRB cooperation.

Ten years of grinding sword, the BRIC countries step by step, and gradually to the world economy and the central stage of global governance. The business sector as the main economic development of the BRIC countries, and actively integrate into the BRIC cooperation for the construction of financial and economic partnership to make an important contribution. Foreign experts and scholars interviewed by Ben Wang said that Xi Jinping’s speech clarified the superiority and strong competitiveness of the BRIC mechanism and was the compass of other regional organizations and countries participating in global governance. They hope that the future of the BRIC countries and business cooperation to carry out more mutually beneficial win-win situation, benefit the country’s cooperation projects for the BRIC countries and even the world to make greater contributions to the development.

BRIC countries play a complementary role in the world economy a new bright spot

The world today is in the era of great development and change. While global conflicts and poverty have not yet been eradicated, the trend of peace and development has become increasingly strong. President Xi Jinping said in his speech, “a large number of emerging market countries and developing countries have sprung up in the international affairs play an increasingly important role in. BRIC cooperation also came into being, our five countries with the pursuit of peace and development of the common aspiration In the past 10 years, the BRIC countries have joined hands to grow into a new bright spot in the world economy.

Explore how the BRICS countries remain financially in the current environment? This and the five countries play a complementary advantage, tighten the interests of ties, clenched fist interrelated. The outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2008 suddenly, led directly to the world economy and brakes, has not been able to return to track. Facing the sudden changes in the external environment, the BRIC countries have established a comprehensive and multi-level cooperation framework led by leaders, and emerged a number of cooperation projects that are in line with the development strategy of the five countries and meet the interests of the five peoples.

India Nehru University China and Southeast Asia Research Center Professor Di Bojie told Ben Wang reporter, in the current world economic development uncertainty factors, trade protection, anti-globalization continues to rise in the background, the BRIC countries through internal and external strategy, Improve the laws and regulations, enhance the enterprise policy support, to achieve the BRIC countries to maintain common development level, promote economic and trade, finance and other fields. Dibai pointed out that the BRIC countries have successfully established a new global mechanism in the form of BRICs and monetary reserves to contribute to the balanced development of the BRIC countries and global economic growth. “In addition, Brazil has a huge commodity market, South Africa and Russia have rich natural resources, India has a strong agricultural economy, China’s huge production capacity and the largest commodity exporter, the BRIC countries there is a complementary and huge potential, Need to take advantage of the Xiamen meeting again fully excavated. “Di Bojie that President Xi Jinping speech for the future development of the BRIC countries pointed out the direction of the future, BRIC should strengthen internal solidarity, the establishment of better macroeconomic policy and coordination mechanism , To carry out more economic cooperation and integration of strategic cooperation.

Savills Saran, the vice chairman of the Indian Observer Foundation, highlighted the details of the Indian Economic Times: shortly after the Ufa summit, the first BRIC president, Carmart, and four other vice governors Went to work in Shanghai. In Samuel Saran’s view, this high efficiency is the smooth embodiment of the BRIC system.

From agriculture, infrastructure construction, manufacturing, finance to urbanization, informatization; from 2013 to South Africa Durban, to today’s Xiamen meeting. President Xi Jinping in the previous BRICS National Chamber of Commerce dialogue have suggested that the economic development of the BRIC countries still have great potential to be tapped, economic cooperation is still promising. Hope that the BRIC countries and industry to seize the opportunity to strengthen cooperation with the BRIC government to jointly promote the economic development of the BRIC countries.

“President Xi Jinping for the BRIC future cooperation into the confidence.” Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary Carter Lin said that the Russian government has developed a series of Chinese enterprises to invest in Russia to support the policy, such as the establishment of Chinese enterprises in Russia Representative office, looking for partners, projects and so on. In addition, the Russian government to liberalize the border city investment gate, to encourage Chinese capital to set up a company in Russia and even the acquisition of local companies.

Brazilian agriculture minister Magee told reporters that the first quarter of Brazil’s economic recovery is strong, the Government to create a good investment environment to take a series of simplified policies to investors more security. “BRIC countries should strengthen mutual cooperation and contact” between Pakistan and China is very strong complementarity between the two countries in many ways the two countries can strengthen cooperation. The Brazilian government has announced the privatization of 57 state holdings, which is a huge investment opportunity for Chinese companies. “The BRIC countries should further strengthen ties and achieve interchange facilitation, and President Xi Jinping also stressed in his speech that we should be pragmatic and promote mutually beneficial cooperation, which I think is beneficial to both China and Pakistan.

Over the past 10 years, the BRIC countries and enterprises in the cooperation in the continuous running, their own development into the BRIC cooperation mechanism, the formation of systematic, institutionalized and solid development direction, nurtured a number of eye-catching cooperation project.

China’s car group in South Africa to achieve the localization of production, South African President Zuma personally witnessed the first electric locomotive in the administrative capital of Pretoria off the assembly line. In recent years, Chinese enterprises to enter South Africa’s momentum is getting better and better, the number of more and more industries covering mining, machinery manufacturing, energy, agriculture, logistics, finance and other fields. “South Africa’s infrastructure construction and China are very complementary, South Africa’s railways, transportation, logistics has a lot of room for improvement, and China’s technology in this area is mature, the two sides in the forward-looking projects on the cooperation space is relatively large “Wang Guojun said that enterprises in China and South Africa to adapt to each other, and constantly adapt to the normative operation, and seek common development.

Wang Shengzi, chief representative of the Russian office of the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), said that Sino-Russian oil and gas cooperation has undergone a long and stable development process. The two governments have developed from the energy dialogue and energy negotiators to the current energy cooperation committee. Russian energy cooperation stable and mature development model. Government and business efforts to promote and promote mutually beneficial cooperation under market conditions. At present, China and Russia to carry out the Sino-Russian crude oil, Sino-Russian natural gas and the Arctic Yamal LNG project achievements. In the future, the two sides will continue to expand the new model of cooperation, from the development of oil and gas trade to joint investment, technological innovation, natural gas power generation, automobile gas, personnel training, employee health and cultural exchanges and other fields. “Russia is gradually improving the investment environment and policy, we believe that healthy, stable and innovative cooperation, Sino-Russian oil and gas cooperation will be the new normal,” Wang Shengzi said.

“Gold brick manufacturing” by the pursuit of free trade for the people to bring happiness

Lofty high rise from the ground. BRIC countries after 10 years of united development, cooperation has been laid the foundation, the overall structure of the outline.

10 years, the five countries total economic growth of 179%, 94% of total trade growth for the world economy to stabilize the recovery made outstanding contributions, but also to more than 30 million people have a real sense of access. “BRIC countries are not mediocre discussion, but the unity of the action team.” BRIC countries to trade and investment in the market as the goal, to promote pragmatic cooperation for the five peoples to bring well-being, but also to the world because of gold Brick cooperation is different.

Today, the Russian candy, chocolate, and even “net red” ice cream has come to the usual Chinese people’s table. Brazil’s well-known merchandise dragged in China sold more than 1 million pairs, an increase of 850%. South African skin care brand “Baoluo” 2017 years ago seven months sales up 100%, the cumulative sales of more than 180,000 bottles. China’s mobile communications, clothing, electronic products, “Made in China”, but also by other countries in the pursuit of gold bricks.

Of course, the BRIC countries trade for the five peoples of the well-being is not limited to this. In his speech, President Xi Jinping pointed out that he should actively join the wave of innovation and development brought by intelligent manufacturing, Internet +, digital economy and shared economy, and strive to lead the trend and accelerate the transformation of old and new energy.

Wang Weimen, vice minister of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, said at a press conference held on the 3rd that e-commerce cooperation has a preliminary foundation between BRIC countries and great potential for future cooperation. He said that last year the number of Internet users in the BRIC more than 1.46 billion, of which more than 700 million Internet users through online shopping, online retail sales reached 876.1 billion US dollars, of which cross-border network sales reached 92 billion US dollars. “BRIC countries are aware of the importance of the development of e-commerce and its potential, so in August this year, Shanghai Metal Brick Economic and Trade Ministerial Meeting, the five ministers on the BRIC national e-commerce reached a cooperation initiative. Including: the establishment of e-commerce working group; to strengthen the government departments and the e-commerce industry dialogue between the conduct of e-commerce joint research, as a trade growth to provide new energy. “Wang said.

Jiang Zengwei, president of CCPIT, pointed out that for 10 years, the economic and trade cooperation between the BRIC countries has not only promoted their own development, but also contributed to the development of the world economy. In addition, the BRIC countries actively advocate the construction of an open world economy, support the multilateral trading system, become an important force to improve the global economic governance.

“China is doing a good job in promoting cross-border electricity and free trade zones and building a global payment platform,” said Sri Lanka Kandalari, director of the East Asia Research Center at Nehru University in India. Innovation and practice to promote economic globalization towards a higher level. ”

Brazilian economist, director of the Brazilian China Research Center, Ronnie Leines told Ben Wang reporter, BRIC countries through cooperation and win-win way to promote mutual trade between the same time, also stepping up their ability to adapt to ” Four industrial revolution “to bring a new situation, increase the start-up industries and e-commerce and other direct face to the consumer or business services industry investment, as a new economic growth to the BRIC countries. He hoped that through the Xiamen meeting, the BRICS could reach an agreement to speed up the establishment of a free trade market and further adapt to each other’s tariff system.

Catherine believes that Russia-China trade volume growth rate of more than 20% last year, this year has more than 80 billion US dollars. “Hope that the BRIC countries in the future development of further opening up the market, so that enterprises into the BRIC mechanism to promote economic cooperation will be a higher level.” Catlin said.

“Facing the future, the BRIC countries face an important task of developing the economy and strengthening cooperation,” said Xi Jinping, chairman of the speech. Looking forward to another “golden decade”, the BRIC countries will bring more opportunities for emerging market countries and developing countries to further integrate into the global economic system, providing new impetus for world development.

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