People’s Bank of China Shenyang Branch issued “on the financial support of China (Liaoning) free trade pilot area construction guidance”


People’s Bank of China Shenyang Branch issued “on the financial support of China (Liaoning) free trade pilot area construction guidance”

From the seven aspects to provide 36 financial support measures

August 23, the reporter learned from the People’s Bank of China Shenyang Branch, the bank issued a “financial support for China (Liaoning) free trade pilot area construction guidance” (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), “opinions” from 7 Made 36 measures to focus on the new round of the revitalization of the Northeast and the development of advanced manufacturing financial support.

“Opinions” includes seven areas of focus:

First, to determine the service revitalization, deepening reform, to prevent risks and steady progress in the overall principle.

Second, the expansion of RMB cross-border use. Support financial institutions and enterprises in the pilot area according to regulations in the issuance of RMB bonds, to raise funds can be used to return. Optimize the cross – border two – way RMB cash pool business management of transnational enterprise groups in the FTA area. Support the free trade pilot area in accordance with the regulations issued by the bank outside the RMB project loans.

Third, deepen foreign exchange management reform. Promote trade and investment facilitation, and further simplify the review of current project documents. Relax the conditions for the review of electronic documents for goods trade. Optimize foreign exchange account management. Relax the multinational company foreign exchange funds centralized operation management business access. Support banks to develop RMB and foreign exchange derivative products and services.

Fourth, increase financial support for advanced manufacturing industry development efforts. Promote the development of advanced manufacturing funds. Support the development of advanced manufacturing finance leasing. Expand the financing of advanced manufacturing enterprises. Promote the innovation of financial products and services, and support financial institutions to explore products and services such as investment linkage, supply chain finance, equity pledge, debt-for-equity swap and PPP, and actively boost the supply side Structural reform.

Fifth, strengthen the financial opening to the outside world and regional cooperation. To strengthen financial cooperation with “along the way” and neighboring countries. Perfect to promote the financial development and development as the core of the intermediary service system and function. To allow qualified banks to carry out foreign currency cash into and out of the business. Support the free trade pilot area to rely on port development shipping finance. Promote Dalian, Yingkou commodity trading platform to enhance the international level. Strengthen financial cooperation with counterpart areas.

Six is ​​to enhance the level of financial services. Explore the establishment of foreign currency account management system compatible with the free trade zone. Create a financial IC card “card” demonstration area. Promote the construction of social credit system in the free trade pilot area. Optimize the financial business environment. Seven is to strengthen the monitoring and management. To explore the establishment of financial reform and innovation in the event of ex post facto supervision system, hold does not occur systemic, regional financial risk of the bottom line.

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