Preliminary Plan for Shanghai Free Trade Port has been formed and reported


Construction of free trade port, Shanghai is still in the first pilot status. A number of people familiar with the Shanghai Securities News yesterday revealed that the relevant departments of Shanghai has formed a preliminary plan to explore the construction of free trade zones, and has been reported.

The end of March this year, the State Council issued a “comprehensive deepening China (Shanghai) free trade pilot area reform and opening up program” proposed that Shanghai will be in Yangshan Bonded Port Area and Shanghai Pudong Airport Free Trade Zone and other special customs supervision area, the establishment of free trade port The The highest level of international standards, the implementation of higher standards of “first-line release”, “second-line security and efficient management” trade supervision system.

In addition, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone will be under the national authority to implement intensive management system, in the port risk prevention and control under the premise of relying on information technology supervision means to cancel or maximize the simplified trade control measures into the goods, the maximum simplified first-line declaration formalities. To explore the implementation of international practice in line with the international financial, foreign exchange, investment and immigration management system, establish and improve the risk prevention and control system.

“From the Shanghai free trade port construction plan, compared with the previous bonded area, import and export processing zones, free trade pilot area compared to the Shanghai Free Trade Port will learn from Singapore, Dubai and other international practices, the implementation of first-line release, Living in the region free, similar to the customs outside the country’s biggest breakthrough is the region’s import and export tariffs there are preferential measures to meet the domestic consumption upgrade, enhance export competitiveness. “A person familiar with the reporter said.

The person explained that the so-called “free of the district”, simply said that the front door opened, the enterprise door does not need to pay any fees, port openness and freedom will be further liberalized. For example, the region cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries will be a single import and export of finished products, from raw materials procurement, production, processing and sales to the full range of industrial chain. This move can further improve the domestic brand “going out” competitiveness, while the introduction of international brands, forcing domestic enterprises to upgrade, reduce costs and benefit consumers.

Shanghai Finance and Economics University Free Trade Zone Research Institute Vice President Sun Yuanxin told reporters on the Shanghai Securities Industry, Shanghai Free Trade Port construction is the national demand and national strategy, is based on the construction of free trade pilot area innovation and breakthrough is the deepening of reform and opening up in Shanghai, Optimize the great exploration of resource allocation and integration from a global perspective. In the future, the government’s regulatory model and enterprise production mode will have a major breakthrough. Many industries will change from the current ecological licensing system to the filing system and the exemption verification. It will help Shanghai to realize logistics, business flow, information flow, capital flow, Talent flow of free and efficient flow, to promote economic restructuring and development in Shanghai.

Affected by this, the region’s processing trade, transit trade and export trade will be boosted, ports, logistics, warehousing, business and other related industries will usher in a good. A port industry, told reporters that the construction of free trade in Shanghai port area, Yangshan will further promote the port to the world-class hub.

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