The world’s more famous free port


A free port is usually a port or port area that does not belong to any country’s customs jurisdiction, and foreign goods may be exempted from customs clearance and processing, storage, sale, handling and repackaging, etc.

However, foreign vessels must comply with Health, immigration, etc. The scope of the free port, some limited to a particular area of ​​a port, and some extended to the neighboring area of ​​the port, the area known as the free zone.On the establishment of some countries in the free zone is the purpose of the development of transit Trade, attract foreign ships or cargo transit, from which to obtain freight, stack fees, processing fees and so on.

The more famous free ports are the Mediterranean coast of Beirut (Lebanon), Tangier (Morocco), Ceuta (Spain), Almería (Spain), the Red Sea outside Aden (South Yemen), Djibouti (Djibouti), Asia (The Republic of Germany), the North Atlantic Bermuda (UK), the Caribbean of Georgetown (Cayman Islands), the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, ), Panama City, Cologne, West Africa’s Monrovia (Liberia), and the world’s largest waterfall in Niagara Falls West Coast of Niagara Falls (USA) and the east coast of St. Catherine (Canada) and many more.

Most people think that the free port is in developing countries only, in fact, the world’s most developed capitalist countries have free ports, but the name is different .In the sixties, Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark have set up a “special area The development of industry and commerce in the underdeveloped areas of foreign countries, the northeastern French Alsace, the northern part of the Netherlands, the south and other underdeveloped border areas, have implemented a liberalization policy, the United States in the port, airport, station There are dozens of “free trade zones” near the freight yard, which is mainly used as a transit point for temporary storage of imported goods and for sale at the same time. In addition, foreign trade is allowed to be processed, assembled, labeled and sorted in the area.

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