This is the most terrible part of the North American Free Trade Agreement


Ross said that the “most terrible part of the North American Free Trade Agreement” is that cars and auto parts almost make up for the trade deficit between the United States and Mexico and Canada.

He said: “If there is no such, there will be a surplus.”

Car and auto parts come from outside the United States. “Mexico and Canada into the trade group is a big problem,” Rose said. Before he joined the Trump government, he had invested his wealth in his bad assets.

“The sharp growth comes from the North American Free Trade Agreement, China and Southeast Asia,” he said, adding that the free trade area should benefit the leaders of these countries, not the outside countries.

Mexico and Canada “should oppose the United States to replace the United States.” “We make parts for people from outside the North American Free Trade Agreement,” he said.

With the start of the third round of North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations this weekend, Ross pushed the urgency of reaching a new deal.

In 2018, the US Trade Promotion Agency, the so-called “fast track”, would be exhausted. In view of the nature of Congress, we do not know whether this will happen again. “He said.” If there is no quick access, it is difficult to reach any trade agreement.

Another complicating factor is the key election of the United States next year. “Canada and Mexico,” he said. “If you put too much in 2018, the political agenda will overwhelm the trade agenda.”

Although US President Donald Trump and his government have repeatedly attacked the North American Free Trade Agreement, a new survey shows that Americans, Mexicans and Canadians have been strong in their cooperation stand by. 58% of Americans, 79% of Mexicans and 74% of Canadians support their country’s participation in one of the world’s largest trade groups.

In the 2016 campaign, Trump said that he would give up the 23-year deal unless he made a major change.

Canada last month hinted that if the United States pushed to eliminate a key dispute settlement mechanism, it could quit. However, this is seen as a last resort.

Mexican Foreign Minister told Reuters last week that if North American Free Trade Agreements disappear, “will not enter the abyss” and add that Mexico will deepen trade with other countries.

At the same time, sources told CNBC that the White House has been softening its trade position and wants to retain the Republican vote on tax reform.

In response to the report, Rose said in an “screaming” interview on Friday that “what we do not want to do is unnecessarily provoking the Senate because we need the ballot there.”

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