What are the advantages of a free trade port for ordinary people?


What does a free trade port mean to ordinary people? Sang Baichuan said that in terms of economic characteristics, a free trade port must be a free trade with comprehensive functions. It must not only develop tourism around the island, expand international tourism trade, but also develop other areas. Modern service industries, such as modern financial trade, futures, securities, and equity trading, as well as international pensions and health industries corresponding to international tourism, will also develop. High-tech industries will also be deployed locally, including modern information technology, Light technology industries such as internet technology, digital trade, and data trade will also receive substantial development opportunities there.

In addition, the free trade port will also attract high quality educational resources both at home and abroad, and open education will be implemented, which will also be an important educational center. Sang Baichuan also believes that tourism should occupy a very important position in the construction and development of Hainan in the future, and it can even be viewed as the first major industry.

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that the “Guidelines for the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Supporting Hainan’s Deepening of Reform and Opening-Up” has referred to the term “tourism” 53 times. The document mentioned the implementation of a more open and convenient tax-free shopping policy for outlying islands, achieving full coverage of outlying islanders and raising tax-free shopping limits. Sang Baichuan said that in the past, tourism in Hainan was mainly concentrated in the vicinity of Sanya. Actually, in different parts of Hainan Island, East and West have their own characteristics. Tourism resources have not been fully developed, and in some different regions, tourism Policies are now different, such as the travel tax exemption, and future policies will be implemented throughout the entire island.

In addition to tourism, what benefits will be given to ordinary people by setting up free trade zones and free trade ports? Chi Fulin told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that the establishment of a free trade zone and a free trade port lies in its ability to bring new job opportunities to people. And there are many real benefits. For example, it is conducive to people’s innovation and entrepreneurship, because free trade areas and free trade ports, the degree of investment facilitation and liberalization is very high, through investment can help promote employment. Second, Hainan Island’s free trade port, which focuses on the development of service trade, is not an ordinary transit trade. This is because service trade (tourism, finance, communications, information, etc.) itself can improve people’s employment quality and increase employment income.

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