Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Zone (free port) cross-border bonded shopping experience


Nansha Free Trade Zone, the first cross-border goods direct purchase experience center – “hyacinth Nansha cross-border goods direct purchase experience center”

Told the neighborhood a good news, Guangzhou Nansha Free Trade Area cross-border bonded shopping experience center official trial business friends, the future, the old Canton cross-border shopping can be achieved at home, do not have to go all the way to Hong Kong to go shopping. “Aunt, do not rush to run outside the door!” As the Nansha cross-border direct experience in the purchase of various types of goods within the center, and shopping is also diverse, so you pro before starting to do homework Oh, or buy back The things are expensive and not suitable for their own “cup” of the. Xiaobian especially in this finishing a Nansha cross-border direct purchase experience shopping center, read it, will be able to help you buy heart water goods.

Nansha free trade area in the first cross-border goods direct experience to experience the center business

How to attend

Consumers need to advance through the “hyacinth cross-border direct purchase of the mall” website (, WeChat public (funsens), or service hotline 400-881-0101 make an appointment, the same day with the ticket or mobile phone Make a short message. At present, the number of appointments is 3,000 per day, and consumers will be able to start booking. The public to the mall to produce a text message to enter the iron horse isolation area.

how to get to

“Hyacinth Nansha cross-border goods direct purchase experience center” is located in the coastal city of Jiao Cheng, consumers from the Guangzhou area by subway to the subway Jinzhou station can be reached, of course, car owners can also arrive by car.

Seafood and fruit are popular

What is the price to sell

The current mall operating area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, stationed in more than 30 shops, May 1, the first day of a total of more than 20 stores business, shelves of foreign goods to reach 10,000, covering food, maternal and child supplies, cosmetics, Digital products, luggage and other categories, such as clothing category. From the first day of the sales situation, consumers prefer Ping Liang Zheng seafood and fruit, such as 79 yuan 5 Alaska spring flounder fish, 150 yuan a Malaysian cat mountain durian, 12.9 yuan a box of Mexican raspberry. Also located on the third floor of a cold chain food shop sold in Australia with beef cattle only 99 yuan 4 pounds, vegetable market beef should be about 40 yuan a pound!

You can buy iPhone

In addition, here you can also buy IPHONE phone, which 16G iPhone6 ​​price of 4388 yuan, 16G iPhone6 ​​Plus price of 5188 yuan, but also add 10% of the line when the line of tax, that is, buy a 16G The iPhone6 ​​eventually need 4826.8 yuan.

How to buy

Shopping in the mall there are two ways to buy:

1, online shopping

If you choose online shopping, you can use the experience center covered within the free WIFI, consumers can self-service center PC or mobile phone directly log on the official online platform “hyacinth cross-border direct purchase mall”, identity login, Submit orders and pay, the goods through the domestic logistics and distribution home.

2, live shopping

If you choose to shop online, you will have to pay the goods and cross-border goods separately.

It is understood that the experience center of each store with duty-paid goods sales area and cross-border goods display area, consumers can directly take the dutiable goods to the cash register orders. Cross-border goods display area of ​​each item is only placed display products, need to buy the goods next to the goods with information card, to the cashier and pay a single settlement, while providing personal identification of the original card. Waiting for the network platform to push to customs, national inspection clearance, the domestic logistics courier home. In other words, compared to sea Amoy, cross-border direct purchase of the store because the goods have been in China, the time will be much faster than the sea Amoy.

Billing requires authentication


Because cross-border goods are not yet duty-paid, consumers purchase a single purchase of 500 yuan the following goods duty-free, duty-free also requires a daily purchase of goods accumulated no more than 1,000 yuan. More than 500 yuan need to pay about 10% of the line of postage, shopping malls on the walls of the wall with more than part of all types of imported goods to pay the tax rate for the consumer reference. The relevant shipping costs to be borne by the consumer, courier fees are calculated according to the domestic logistics and mail price standards, delivery time to be 1-3 days.

Malls are credit card or network to pay, so pay the need for authentication, waiting time than the general shopping malls to long.

There is a difference in price

We do not think that the goods within the mall on a certain cheap, and if you do not compare prices, not more than three, it is likely that you buy back something more expensive than the market price it Such as young mothers are most concerned about the maternal and child supplies shops, milk powder, urine is not wet to shop more than three, of which Japan, the king of urine is not wet from 125 yuan to 169 yuan / bag have, spread quite large. Friends of the baby in the life of the museum in the Japanese kings to 159 yuan, large size sold 169 yuan! Online shopping large size as long as 140 yuan! But in the next search of the island, the Japanese kings promotional price only need 125 yuan, each purchase two packs. Visible, no price you lose.

In addition, some commodity prices are more expensive. In a store, the British cattle column milk powder 1 to 2 paragraph to sell 165 yuan, according to a lady said, from Germany to buy milk powder equivalent to 50 yuan a pot of pot, where a can of milk can be a hundred dollars, and not expected So cheap.

Electrical appliances rarely

Cross-border electricity business show only a small share of the goods, about 1/10 or so, and basically no price tag.

Do not go to the wrong store

When you come out from Nansha Jinzhou Station A exit, if there is a passenger minibus shouting: “go to Nansha direct store, here by car!” You can not immediately rushed to the car, it is likely to reach the destination is not Nansha Free Trade Zone Cross – border Bonded Shopping Experience Center. Because Nansha in addition to the “May Day” opened Nansha cross-border goods direct purchase center, there are opened in January this year, Nansha Qiaofu imported goods direct sales center, the two are completely different business forms – the former is cross-border electricity business, The latter is the direct selling center. In short, the difference between the two is whether it has been “duty paid”. The former designated cross-border electric business experience shopping area and bonded display merchandise shopping area, to handle customs clearance and other procedures, temporarily unable to achieve the scene delivery; the latter’s goods only sales of duty-paid imports of goods, do not enjoy tax or bonded policy concessions, Can be on-site delivery.

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