Hainan builds a free trade port with Chinese characteristics and reproduces “100,000 talents under Hainan”


“We welcome investors from all over the world to invest in Hainan, actively participate in the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, share China’s development opportunities, and share the fruits of China’s reforms.” On April 13 this year, at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the provincial special economic zone in Hainan, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent an invitation to the world.

Building a free trade pilot zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics for more than five months, Hainan has become a highland for talent gathering, a land for companies to compete for, and a test field for reform and opening up.

Introduce policies to attract millions of talents into Hainan

Thirty years ago, “100,000 talents crossed the Straits”, and all the talents rushed to the Grand Zone to promote Hainan’s development and construction.

Thirty years later, on May 13 this year, Hainan Province issued the “Million Talents into Hainan Action Plan (2018-2025)”, once again calling the world’s talents.

Hainan is a small province with weak economic strength. Are talents willing to come?

In May of this year, in response to the shortage of management talents in the Free Trade Zone, Hainan issued a pleading book for the whole country, and 600 jobs were in short supply. More than 14,000 people applied for it.

Such a hot scene reappeared in three consecutive “ recruitment and talent introduction” recruitment fairs held in Hainan Province from June 23rd to 27th. The three job fairs attracted a large number of high-quality talents such as returnees and masters, and the number of resumes from outside the province accounted for 30% of the total number of resumes.

Why can Hainan attract a large number of talents?

Sun Zhiyong, who has been recruited from the “flying” of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, said that he is optimistic about the future development of Hainan and he can find a satisfactory position in Hainan.

In order to attract talents, Hainan has made sufficient preparations. In terms of household registration, medical treatment, schooling for children, spouse employment and housing, Hainan Province has issued a series of measures in a timely manner, which has fully stimulated the willingness and passion of all kinds of talents to come to the company.

Long before the introduction of the Action Plan, Hainan Province introduced the “Implementation Measures for the Admission of High-level Talented Children in Hainan Province (Trial)”, clarifying the “free trial admission” for high-level talented children applying for compulsory education. In the plan of the settlement of the plan, Hainan has liberalized the restrictions on the placement of talents: full-time college or above, intermediate and above professional technical titles, etc., can be settled in the working place or actual place of residence in Hainan…

Thirty years ago, “100,000 talents went to Hainan”, which set a grand picture of Hainan’s establishment of the provincial economic zone in the early days, and laid a solid talent foundation for Hainan’s reform and opening up; 30 years later, “millions of talents entered Hainan” It provides a strong talent support for the Hainan Free Trade Pilot Zone and the construction of free trade ports with Chinese characteristics.

Advanced benchmarking to create an international business environment

The market enthusiasm for “investing in Hainan to invest in industry” is transformed into real money and silver investment in Hainan. The key is to create a first-class business environment and use this “soft power” to attract first-class enterprises and retain first-class enterprises. In the view of the main leaders of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, the first-class business environment is crucial to promoting Hainan’s comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up, and is one of the keys to promoting Hainan’s new era to comprehensively deepen the new benchmark for reform and opening up.

If the business environment is poor, the company will “vote with the feet” and “there will be no future.” For this topic, the Canadian Chinese, Hainan Fenghua Animation Culture Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Yan Hong felt a lot of feelings. “I have been in Hainan for 5 years, and I have received a lot of orders, but sometimes I can’t get the money after the work is completed. I have even been martyrdom.”

Seeing the problem, Hainan has advanced its benchmarks, and through a series of measures such as the implementation of the “distribution service” reform, the business environment has been greatly improved. “We want to make the approval process more and more simple, so that the regulatory capacity is getting stronger and stronger, and the service level is getting higher and higher.” Zheng Feng, deputy secretary general of the Hainan Provincial Government and director of the Administrative Center.

Up to now, Hainan Province has built a “one examination and approval network” that realizes the province, city, county, township (town) and village (residential) full coverage, and realizes online approval and approval information is highly shared and open, and is in the forefront of the country.

“A good business environment is productivity.” Liu Wenmin, general manager of Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd., explains the importance of the business environment for enterprises. The company’s water needle and freeze-dried powder needle production workshop project was completed from the start of construction to the completion of operation. The examination and approval items were reduced from the original 18 to 2, and the test was completed in less than 100 days.

In the past three months, more than 300 companies have been docked in Hainan Province, and more than 60 investment cooperation agreements have been signed, and nearly 100 cooperation intentions have been reached. Among them, there are many domestic and foreign industry giants to sign agreements and reach cooperation intentions.

Gathering world-class enterprises

The superior business environment and favorable development policies have made Hainan a treasure in the eyes of world-class enterprises.

According to statistics provided by the Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce on September 2, Hainan has signed 126 projects with Fortune 500 companies, global industry leaders and well-known brands since the launch of the 100-day investment promotion (project) on May 20. There are 74 projects and 370 projects in talks. Among the 74 implemented projects, 19 are among the world’s top 500 enterprises, 19 are leading enterprises in the industry, and 36 are well-known brands and institutions.

At the same time as attracting enterprises to enter, Hainan pays special attention to the development of the headquarters economy. On May 20th, the “Working Opinions of the General Office of the People’s Government of Hainan Province on Promoting the Economic Development of the Headquarters” and the “Administrative Measures for the Recognition of Enterprises in Hainan Province” were released. On June 6, Haikou City and Sanya City issued specific economic support policies for their headquarters.

Since the beginning of this year, Hainan Province has carried out two rounds of strategic docking with central enterprises. The relocation of China Tourism Group headquarters to Haikou was finalized at the signing ceremony of the first round of strategic cooperation agreement between the provincial government and central enterprises in early July this year, just two months later. The agreement was implemented. On September 12, the domestic headquarters of China Tourism Group officially moved from Haikou to Haikou, with a registered capital of 15.8 billion yuan, becoming a milestone for China Tourism Group.

“Unlike the previous bottom-up approach, this round of strategic cooperation has been built by the provincial government and the central enterprise headquarters from the very beginning. The municipal, county and central enterprises are responsible for the specific implementation of strategic cooperation.” Hainan Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Ni Jian said.

The blueprint has been drawn, and the endeavor is at the right time. Hainan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Liu Cigui said that at present, Hainan’s development has encountered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and has received the strongest policy support. Hainan must cherish the opportunity and take advantage of the situation to accelerate the building of economic prosperity, social civilization, ecological livability and people. Happy and beautiful New Hainan.

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