Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan


At present, there are many concerns about building free trade pilot zones and free trade port of trade with Chinese characteristics in Hainan with Hainan Free Trade Port Overall Plan. Under such circumstances, the overall plan for Hainan free trade port will be formed as soon as possible, and it will strive for approval by the central government during the year, which will help unify understanding, stabilize expectations, and form joint forces.

Targeting the country’s major strategy

1. Study and determine the strategic positioning of Hainan Free Trade Port with the goal of serving the country’s major strategy

Hainan Free Trade Port plays a major role in accelerating the formation of a new pattern of full opening for China. The construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port is a major measure for China to promote the formation of a comprehensive and open new pattern and create a new height of opening up to the outside world in the context of profound and complex economic globalization.

Hainan Free Trade Port plays a major role in China’s comprehensive deepening of reforms. To build a free trade port in Hainan, plan and advance the reform at a higher starting point, and take the next great effort to break the drawbacks of the institutional mechanism and try to deepen reform and opening up for the country.

Hainan is playing a special role in promoting regional integration focusing on the Pan-South China Sea. To build a Hainan free trade port, it is necessary to give play to Hainan’s regional advantages and special functions, lay the “economic card” and “open card”, and accelerate the construction of the pan-South-sea economic cooperation circle.

2. Study and determine the strategic mission of Hainan Free Trade Port with the goal of serving the country’s major strategy

Make use of the opportunity of building Hainan Free Trade Port to build the strategic fulcrum of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Strengthen pragmatic cooperation with countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to achieve multi-level and multi-disciplinary cooperation and take a more solid step in building an important strategic pivot for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.

Hainan has been built into an important open door to the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. This is a strategic move for Hainan to carry out the important instructional spirit of the General Secretary of the Internship under “Hainan should persist in opening up and implement a more proactive and open strategy”, and it is a strategic action to promote the peaceful and stable development of the South China Sea.

With openness and cooperation, we must keep the southern gate of the motherland. Through the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, we will accelerate development including the oil and gas resources of the South China Sea, strengthen the construction of the South China Sea rights protection and resource support service base for the development of the South China Sea, and firmly observe the South Gate of the motherland.

3. To determine the course of action of Hainan Free Trade Port with the goal of serving the country’s major strategy

By 2020, with the goal of a free trade port, significant progress has been made in the construction of free trade pilot zones with high standards and high quality, and Hainan’s internationalization level has increased significantly.

By 2025, the preliminary establishment of a free trade port system and operating mode to attract business-focused business environment to achieve domestic first-class level.

By 2035, the system of free trade ports will have a more mature system and mode of operation. The business environment will rank among the top in the world, creating a new open highland with a higher level of openness and a stronger radiation effect.

To build a free trade port with Chinese characteristics


4. Explore the construction of the first free trade port of socialism with Chinese characteristics

The distinct characteristics of free ports of trade with Chinese characteristics. Hainan Free Trade Port is the first socialist free trade port with Chinese characteristics. It is an important exploration of a highly liberalized market economy under the leadership of the Party and a vivid example of a leap-forward development of an underdeveloped region through a free trade port.

The core of the Hainan free trade port construction. The core is the reform of economic and social management systems and management methods; the implementation of systems, systems, mechanisms and policies that are compatible with the highest level of openness in the world.

Hainan Free Trade Port Construction. With the focus on attracting international factor resources and advancing the internationalization of factor allocation, we will create the most open and distinctive special economic regions in the world.

5. To build a Free Trade Port in Hainan as a target of high standards, high-quality construction of free trade pilot zone

In the next 1-2 years, efforts will be made to lay a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting the construction of a free trade port in Hainan.

We will focus on improving the business environment and make breakthroughs with negative lists to achieve an important start in Hainan Free Trade Zone.

At the stage of the establishment of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone, all measures that are incompatible with the construction of a free trade port must not be introduced.

6. Make full use of international advanced experience to establish the highest level of openness, the widest range, and the world’s largest free trade port

The basic connotation of Hainan Free Trade Port. The basic feature is “international customs”; the basic element is “freedom of entry and exit of goods and funds, the vast majority of goods exempt from tariffs”; the basic goal is to create a new highland for opening up to the outside world with the advantage of an international business environment.

Fully draw on the advanced experience of international free trade ports. All the essential elements of the free trade port are actively explored and implemented in Hainan. The systems that are indispensable for the free trade port, such as the fiscal and taxation system, the post-mortem supervision system, and laws and regulations, have been speeded up in Hainan.

In combination with the actual situation in Hainan, we will explore more abundant and effective economic and social management methods. For example, explore social governance mechanisms at the highest level of openness.

7. To build a free trade port in Hainan.

Hainan’s free trade port construction will be implemented on the entire island with “one line free, second line live, free in the area.” It is necessary to openly publicize the goal of building the island-wide free trade port at home and abroad and stabilize the expectations of all parties.

To build a free trade port on the whole island, it is necessary to combine different regional features, divide different functional areas across the island, and layout different industries.

Speed ​​up major breakthroughs in key areas and key industries. For example, Hainan’s northern and southern poles took the lead to break through and form a driving effect; tourism and modern service industries took the lead in breaking through.

Based on innovation and development of service trade

8. Grasping the major trend of innovation and development of service trade

Taking service trade as the leading factor is in line with the general trend of economic globalization. The rapid growth of global service trade has not only become an important driving force for the development of global trade, but has also become the focus of bilateral and multilateral trade and investment agreements.

Taking service trade as the starting point to guide economic globalization in a more open direction. With the service trade as the leading force, Hainan Free Trade Port will be constructed, and it will actively participate in negotiations, rules and regulations on bilateral, multilateral and regional service trade and investment agreements, and actively promote the restructuring of global trade and investment rules.

Hainan, with service trade as the leading factor and adapting to the general trend of economic globalization, is an important starting point for China to lead economic globalization.

9. Taking advantage of the innovation and development of service trade to build Hainan Free Trade Port

Accelerate the integration of service trade and service market opening. In order to build a free trade port in Hainan, it is necessary to make the policy system that breaks the market opening of the service industry elbow and to promote the innovation and development of service trade as major tasks.

Focusing on expanding the opening up of the service industry market, we will promote the process of strengthening the service trade. Accelerating the construction of Hainan’s free trade port should play a special role in making up for the “shortcomings” of China’s service trade.

10. Take advantage of the innovation and development of service trade to form distinctive features and outstanding advantages of Hainan Free Trade Port

The innovative development of service trade is a distinctive feature of Hainan. This is not only in line with the country’s strategic needs, but also a realistic choice for Hainan to achieve leap-forward development in this island economy.

Hainan is fully qualified to launch major measures in the opening up of the service industry market and the innovation of service trade to form a unique advantage. In 2017, the service industry in Hainan accounted for 55.7%, which was 4.1% higher than the national average. The contribution rate of Hainan’s service industry to economic growth was 79.5%, which was 20.7 percentage points higher than the national average. Hainan has great potential for developing service trade.

Hainan should accelerate its bold breakthrough in the development of service trade. Learn from the mature practices of international free trade ports, as long as the development trend in Hainan can be explored boldly.

11. Accelerate the major breakthrough in the full openness of the service industry market

Achieve major breakthroughs in the construction of international tourism and consumption centers. The key to building an “internationally-influential international tourism and consumption center” is to accelerate the full opening of the service market and provide internationalized products and international standard services. It is proposed to join hands with Hong Kong to build a tax-free shopping chain and improve the service level and management capabilities of international tourism and consumption centers.

Fully liberalize the relevant policies of the health care market. While accelerating the establishment of Boao Music City as an international high-end medical cooperation center, as soon as possible, the government has pushed some of the policies that have been granted to the medical tourism pre-emptive areas in Boao Music City to the entire island.

Focusing on cruise tourism, Pannanhai Tourism Economic Cooperation Circle will be built. Fully promote the construction of Sanya’s home port of cruise liners; open up a pan-Nanhai cruise travel route to make Hainan’s cruise tourism industry a leading industry in the Pannanhai Tourism Economic Cooperation Circle.

Focusing on the promotion of new energy vehicles across the island, the new services will be promoted. Being the first to cancel the fuel vehicle in Hainan and promoting new energy vehicles in an all-round way will not only make Hainan’s environmental quality world-class, but also be able to occupy a leading position in a new round of energy reforms, bringing with it a series of animal networking, robotics, artificial intelligence, new materials, etc. Technological innovation and industrial change.

12. To study the general framework of the negative list in Hainan according to the requirements of the innovation and development of service trade

The negative list of the Hainan Free Trade Zone is not only a reduction in the number, but also highlights the characteristics of service trade. Service trade is not only a breakthrough in the free trade zone, but also a major task of the free trade port. Hainan has conditions, needs, and it is necessary to implement the “Hainan version of the negative list” that is different from the domestic 11 free trade pilot zones and focuses on the innovation and development of service trade.

In accordance with the requirements of the innovation and development of service trade, the overall framework and implementation rules for designing negative checklists shall be studied in accordance with international standards. In contrast with the negative list management models such as the Hong Kong and Singapore Free Trade Ports, the TPP, and the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement, the focus is on the full opening of the service industry market and the innovation of service trade, following the “Minimal Version, Extended Architecture, High Transparency, and Operationality”. The direction of reform is to explore the construction of a foreign investment management model of “pre-access national treatment + minimalist negative list + post-access national treatment” and create a new open highland with service trade as its focus.

Increase the “controllable” institutional arrangements. Hainan is an independent geographical unit and it is easier to manage and control risks. Even if there are certain risks, it will be difficult to create a large risk spillover effect on the national economy and it will not affect the overall situation. While accelerating the opening up, Hainan needs to take the lead in adopting modernized supervisory tools and risk prevention and control systems such as advanced information technology and information platforms, and establish a strict and effective supervision system.

Take comprehensive system innovation as the core

13. Accelerate the study and design of the institutional framework of Hainan Free Trade Port

With a simple tax system, low tax rate and zero tariff as the outstanding features, the fiscal and taxation system for the free trade port is constructed. The first is to promote the transformation of the taxation system, speed up the formation of a simple tax system with direct taxes as the main body, and second, to implement a statutory low tax rate, drastically reduce the corporate income tax rate and the personal income tax rate, and thirdly, to implement the system of “extremely exempted tariffs for most products”.

In order to achieve the free flow of capital, the goal is to build a free trade finance system. The freedom of capital entry and exit is an important guarantee for the liberalization and facilitation of investment and trade. The construction of a Hainan free trade port requires major breakthroughs in financial system arrangements such as financial market opening, cross-border investment and financing, currency exchange, international settlement, foreign exchange transactions, and financial supervision.

Construct a “superior release of first-line, efficient second-line management, and high freedom in the region” customs supervision system. In accordance with the rules of “overseas customs and customs”, we will reform the customs management system and greatly increase the level of convenience in investment and trade clearance.

To build laws, regulations and systems that suit the construction of a free trade port. Accelerate the promotion of Hainan’s free trade port legislation, clarify the legal position of the Hainan Free Trade Port in the form of a special law, and introduce the relevant legal norms for the Hainan Free Trade Port as soon as possible.

14. To create an international business environment focusing on the full implementation of the enterprise’s self-registration system

Fully implement the enterprise’s self-registration system. With reference to the experiences of Hong Kong and Singapore, we will fully implement the enterprise’s self-registration system as soon as possible, fully promote the legal person’s commitment system, fully implement the enterprise’s simple cancellation system, and expand the autonomy of enterprises.

Introduce international standard service agencies. In line with the standard international free trade ports, the world’s leading accounting firms, law firms, consulting companies and other agencies have been stationed in Hainan to better provide domestic and foreign companies with high standards, high quality, and international services.

The improvement of the property rights protection system must go ahead in the country. Accelerate the construction of a variety of professional court systems, including intellectual property courts, financial courts, etc., protect entrepreneurs’ personal rights, property rights, innovation rights and self-management rights, explore the securitization of intellectual property rights, and stimulate and protect entrepreneurial spirit.

15. Focusing on improving the efficiency of resource allocation, deepening the reform of “multiple regulations and integration”

It is a major task to deepen the reform of “multiple rules and regulations” to break the regional and urban and rural system barriers and improve the efficiency of resource allocation. Hainan has considerable potential in this area.

Accelerate the formation of the “six unified” overall layout. On the basis of unified planning of the whole province, accelerating the unification of land use, unification of infrastructure, unification of industrial layout, unification of urban and rural development, unification of environmental protection, and unification of social policies, which will significantly increase the efficiency of resource utilization throughout the province and form the overall development of Hainan. Advantage.

According to “a major city in the entire island” to speed up the adjustment of administrative divisions. A regional center city of East, West, South, North, and China will be formed across the island to enhance the comprehensive utilization benefits of land, tourism, and other important resources throughout the island. This matter should not be slow.

Innovate the system and mechanism for the integration of urban and rural development. Hainan has the conditions to lead the country in the integration of urban and rural development and rural rejuvenation. Hainan has the conditions to take the lead to cancel the urban and rural dual household registration system, implement a unified residence permit management system in the province, and take the lead in establishing a unified urban and rural construction land market, giving farmers more property rights.

16. Deepening the reform of the administrative system guided by the “small government, big market”

Focusing on “release, reunification, and integration” will accelerate the reform of party and government institutions. In accordance with the requirements of the “small government”, the government shall consider the establishment of party and government agencies throughout the province, scientifically allocate party and government departments, and establish internal organs’ powers and responsibilities, and take the lead in party and government organizations such as finance, trade, culture, education, politics and law, agriculture, foreign affairs, and discipline inspection and supervision. Explore the establishment of mergers or offices. Explore the construction of a streamlined and efficient free trade port administrative system.

Focus on improving administrative efficiency to optimize the business environment. Eliminating the filing system for general investment projects of enterprises; advancing “not to meet approval”, “run once at most”, and “successfully done at one time”, and first establish a “multiple-in-one” macro-market supervision system in Hainan; explore advancement and construction of free trade ports. Adapted to the reform of the judicial system.

17. Build a more open and flexible talent management system

To carry out trials of international talent management reform. Foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan technical and technical personnel are allowed to work and permanent residence in Hainan; a more relaxed and convenient work visa system is implemented.

Promote the reform of statutory institutions and guarantee the greater autonomy of the employer. The use of statutory bodies attracts talents, and legally empowers the statutory bodies to set up the right to establish institutions, employ talents, and formulate the right to pay, and gives employers greater autonomy in employing statutory bodies.

However, seeking for the location and the use of it does not require all of them to accelerate the attraction of international high-end educational and scientific research institutions to Hainan. All international and domestic key scientific research and educational institutions are stationed in Hainan and enjoy the same policy treatment as local similar institutions. The new campuses of certain universities in Hainan are handed over to famous universities at home and abroad.

Top-level design and coordination at the top

18. Accelerating the establishment of a coordination mechanism for the Hainan Free Trade Port at the central level

Establish an overall coordination mechanism at the central level as soon as possible. In accordance with the requirements of “Central Coordinating, Sector Support, and Grasping Implementation,” the Hainan Free Trade Port construction process will be promoted and breakthroughs will be made as soon as possible.

Under the overall coordination of the central government, Hainan shall establish a coordination agency for free trade ports and its offices as soon as possible….

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