How many free trade ports in Asia?


Not strictly what is not what, which count

But like Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, etc. is recognized as a free trade port.

The definition of a free trade zone is that the free trade area is the area where the goods do not need to pass through the national customs. At the outset, such areas were mainly used for storage and trade, and recently focused on manufacturing, processing and assembly operations. Goods entering the free trade zone may not be subject to customs duties or quotas, and may be stored indefinitely there. The characteristics of the free trade zone are “customs clearance” (the EC has a special nature), the region can be warehousing, trade, processing and other business, tariffs, quotas and permits and other concessions, the shelf life of the goods Restricted and so on.
Free trade port is the port free trade zone

Re-export trade refers to the international trade in the import and export of goods trading, not between the producing and consumer countries directly, but through third countries to trade. This trade is the transit trade is re-export trade. The goods of the transaction may be shipped from the exporting country to the third country and sold to the consuming country without processing (altering the packaging, sorting, sorting, sorting, etc.) in the third country, or by the third country directly from the producing country Consumer countries, but between the producing and consuming countries does not happen between the transaction, but by the transit countries, respectively, with the producing and consuming countries transactions. The reorganization of goods has a distribution center for goods, warehouses, and stacks, which is part of an indirect transit between re-export trade and transit trade.

Reap trade, mainly in some countries (or regions) due to geographical, historical, political or economic factors, its location is suitable for the sale of goods as a center. These countries (or regions) enter a large number of goods, in addition to part of the country or the region for consumption, and then exported to neighboring countries and regions. Such as Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Rotterdam, etc., are internationally renowned transit, with a large number of entrepot trade. In addition to the re-export trade, they can get substantial re-export profits and warehousing, transportation, loading and unloading, tax revenue and other income, but also to promote the local financial, transportation, telecommunications and other industries.

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