In conjunction with the construction of free trade port, Shanghai Port to achieve full automation of business acceptance


In the party’s 19 major report, proposed to explore the construction of free trade port. In a month, the fourth phase of Yangshan Deepwater Port will also be opened for trial operation to become the largest and most automated port in the world. In order to cope with the construction of a free trade port, at present, the Shanghai Port Receiving Center has realized full automation, customer suitcase, payment and other businesses and can solve it online one-stop. The port mode is also being replicated and promoted at major ports in the country.

10 o’clock, into the reception center, the empty hall, so do more than 10 years of logistics industry, Lu Wei strong surprise. Today, he took the bill of lading to handle suitcases, payment and other business, was told without waiting, you can operate directly online.

Under the guidance of salesman, Lao Lu on the computer, landing on the Hong Kong online reception platform, enter the box number, bind the payment information, select suitcase time, just a minute or two, to complete the entire suitcase, put the box, check, pay Other business. Later, no matter where Lu Lao, 7 * 24 hours, he can use the computer or mobile phone APP for business processing and query, efficiency greatly improved at the same time, more secure financial security.

Yan Weijia, Clerk of Handling Group at Shanghai Port Group, introduced: “Customs information and commodity inspection information are now electronic. As long as these electronic information comply with our regulations and meet our business requirements, we can accept the plan online.”

 “Compared with the past is simply a world of difference, before the business hall in the business admissibility, queuing very incredible, busy business hours, such as two or three hours is not surprising now just a few minutes like, and Financial management is also a huge benefit .In the past we plan, the staff had to hold a check, cash to the window, insecure and inconvenient .Currently Smart Harbor online payment support, we are very easy to click out, the plan is arranged , The accounts are also very clear. “Wei told reporters.

Before the transfer of business, need to go to a different terminal for business, back and forth, one day often too late. Today, you can also get it online. As the system continues to be optimized, at present, over 95% of the business in Hong Kong has been handled online. From offline to online, the operators of various terminals in the port have been reduced from 120 to less than 60 and become more customer-oriented.

On the nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi explicitly decided to build a free trade port. We will further increase the degree of science and technology information, especially the fourth phase of Yangshan December 10 Day is about to open, it is an intelligent terminal, the entire operation is fully automated, we will match with the reception center business to further enhance the degree of automation and information to further facilitate customers and reduce social and business costs , Improve the overall operating efficiency and enhance the service of Shanghai Port. ”

Behind the full automation of Shanghai Port, Shanghai’s financial industry has broken the traditional routine, shifting from traditional loans to combining industry and finance, and serving the real economy through financial services and product innovation. At present, the smart harbor service plan built by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has been put on the ports of Ningbo, Zhoushan Port, Qingdao Port, Nanjing Port and Rizhao Port. The next step is to promote and copy more ports. “Such a concept is not just applied to seaports, but also to the same scenarios and needs at dry ports. We are also considering how to replicate this model in more areas.” Yang Bin, general manager of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank’s trading bank, said: “Nineteen Greater reference to finance should support more solid enterprises and the development of the real economy. This also places higher demands on the financial industry. We need to rebuild our own products and services to better serve the real economy. “

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