Manama Free Port


Islamic chronological mention of Manama at least can be traced back to 1345 years. And then from 1521 by the Portuguese rule, and later from 1602 by the Persian rule.

Manama has been ruled by the Arab Emir family since 1783, although there have been several interruption during the period. Manama was declared free port in 1958 and became an independent capital of Bahrain in 1971.

Bahrain is an island of about 1.155 million island, the capital of Manama is located in Bahrain is the country’s largest island, north and south length of less than 50 km. Airport in the north of Manama, Bahrain International Circuit is in the south of the city. Along the road signs are Arabic and English “bilingual”, but did not specify how far the road.

For a long time for the Persian Gulf North commercial and financial center, declared in 1958 as a free port, built in 1962 deep water port. There are 2.5 km long embankment connected to Muharagg on Muharraga Island. Industrial refining to the main, as well as sailing manufacturing, seats and weaving canvas and other departments. There are fisheries.

Manama’s economic base is in line with Bahrain’s overall economic base – oil, petrol refining, dredging, fishing and pearls. Manama has a Bahrain International Airport on Muharrak Island, and Manama is connected to the island with Muharak.

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