Overview of the major free trade area (FTZ) policy in the world


UAE Dubai free trade area, there are 5,000 small and medium enterprises from 106 countries, 100% tax-free (including domestic tax), customs only in the second-tier supervision, the enterprises can be fully controlled, the Authority to take customized services, get three best new Trade Area Award “Best Emerging Free Zone”

     Iran Kish Island, 15 years free customs duties, personal income tax and commercial tax, foreign free access, tourists landing visa.

     Kuwait free trade area, exempt from customs duties and corporate income tax, can be wholly established commercial and financial enterprises (in other parts of Kuwait, foreign parties must find a local partner).

    Singapore has seven free trade areas, during the storage of goods do not have to declare any declaration to the customs, import and export only through the warehouse electronic system to the customs declaration of electronic. The goods can be used free of charge for up to 72 hours, and transhipment and re-export of goods for free within 14 days. Free trade area has four container terminals, 37 berths, can dock the world’s largest container ship.

     Malaysia’s free trade area is export-oriented, raw materials, equipment and finished goods can be duty-free import, customs procedures are extremely simplified. Enterprises need to be more than 80% of their raw materials or finished products for export.

     Australia Darwin free trade port, mainly to processing trade, mainly for Malaysia, China and Indonesia, to textile, printing, computer software and fish, dairy processing based. After processing the goods only need to enter the country to pay tariffs and service tax.

    Belgium and some EU countries, mainly located near the airport and the port, approved by the Customs and Excise Department, the establishment of bonded warehouses, the goods shelf life is generally one year.

    In recent years, with the development of the EU economic integration process, the role of EU countries FTZ gradually weakened.

    Brazilian Manaus free trade area, exempt from all taxes, producers can not be more than 10% of the goods sold in the country, dutiable value can be up to 25% of the cost, while reducing the price of imported materials. In addition to national security and environmental protection, other departments do not limit. Visitors may purchase duty-free items of not more than $ 2,000, but products from Manaus are not subject to restrictions.

     Argentina La Plata free trade area, customs that the goods stored in the free trade area as stored in a third country, so the goods into the region only check the classification, type and quantity. In the storage period can be divided, processing, display, only in the area into the country when the need to pay tariffs. The shelf life of the goods is 5 years.

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