Shanghai free trade port program to improve the offshore business or a breakthrough


While the pattern of full liberalization continues to improve, the free trade port will be ready for action. This reporter has learned that the program of Shanghai Free Trade Port has taken shape and is under further improvement under the guidance of relevant departments.

Experts interviewed said that the definition of a free trade port is still under discussion. However, both the region and its openness will be further and more aimed at catching up with the world’s highest and most advanced open economy. The promotion of free trade port may be carried out in stages. It is understood that at present, Shanghai and Zhoushan have already submitted proposals to the relevant state departments on the free trade port.

“Free-trade ports may make a breakthrough in offshoring, demand-based offshore trade, incremental trade or will be achieved, and boost the development of customs supervision and financial services.” Huazhong University of Science and Technology Free Trade Area Study Chen Bo, executive director of the center, told the reporter of China Business.

The highest open

From the free trade zone to the free trade port, the degree of openness has been continuously improved.

In March this year, the State Council issued the “Plan for the Reform and Opening-up of China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone in an All-Round Way” (hereinafter referred to as the “Reform Plan”), setting up a free trade port area to implement the ” First-line release “” second-line safe and efficient control “trade regulatory system.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the 19th CPC National Congress report that greater freedom of trade reform should be given to reforming free trade areas and exploring a free trade port.

“In general, the less a term is used, the more it covers.” Sun Yuanxin, vice president of the Free Trade Zone Institute of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, told China Business News reporter: “At present, free trade ports Accurate definition We are still discussing the beginning of the pilot is a small area, the future may be gradually expanded.

Chen Bo believes that the free trade port formulation is more direct, with the reference to foreign countries are closer. Compared with the free trade port area, free trade port in the region more open, may not be a point, but a.

“The Plan for Further Deepening the Reform of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in 2015” (hereinafter referred to as “the plan for deepening reform”) refers to the advanced international standard of free trade zone development. This year, the “Plan for Reforming the Reform” Trade port area, the highest level of the international benchmark.This change can be seen that the free trade pilot area is more open to the requirements of the standard international requirements of China, what we need to do here is that foreign countries require us to open up, copy and promote the relatively high However, free trade ports do not need to be copied all over the country, with higher goals and more about how to compete with Hong Kong and Singapore of our country. We should try our best to meet the requirements of competition and broaden our reach. ”

Bai Ming, deputy director of the Institute of International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said the free trade port shows an open concept of keeping pace with the times. To understand the free trade port from the perspective of trade facilitation, from the geographical point of view, the free trade port in the port and other transport hub. Functionally, a free trade port is more convenient for foreign countries such as vessels and ships to freely access such vehicles as preferential treatment such as the import, export, handling, storage and transit of goods, exempting all or most of the tariffs.

According to one source, the overall objective initially set by the Shanghai Free Trade Zone is to establish a system of systems linking up with the rules of international investment and trade by 2020, to establish a free trade and trial zone as a free trade in investment and open and transparent in rules , Regulate the international free trade zone with high standard and fair facilitation and business environment.

Zhang Lin, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Transport, said recently that the program of Shanghai Free Trade Port is being perfected and approved. Its construction will surely play a greater role in the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center and is a new engine for the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center.

Offshore business

When talking about what breakthroughs will be made in the free trade area, many interviewees said that there may be a breakthrough in the trade regulatory system and the development of offshore trade will lead to the opening up in related fields.

Sun Yuanxin believes that free trade port is actually an important node for our opening up to the outside world and reflects our country’s policy of sustained opening up. Many new modes and new businesses can be formed. For example, offshore trade, e-shipping, high-end manufacturing, financial settlement platform, etc., is beneficial to the enterprise. New service trade model, a variety of offshore business will arise.

Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Secretary Pujiang, Party Secretary Xie Qiuhui October 20 published a signed article said that the world’s most advanced Free Trade Port and China’s existing free trade zone one of the prominent differences between the import and export formalities Extremely easy or even free of charge. Shanghai Free Trade Port Area will create a higher standard single window, one-stop customs clearance and centralized supervision mode in accordance with the overall principle of “Negative List + Non-non-violation Non-intervention” and implement the innovation of government supervision mode.

Chen Bo believes that in accordance with the requirements of the current customs, if you do not know the buyer’s case, the goods must pay taxes, if the final buyer is a foreigner, the customs rebate. It looks the same, but it creates a business burden. If you can offshore trade, regardless of who needs the goods, can stocking. This is also similar to the current trend of bulk commodity.

Xie Qiuhui also said that the free trade port area to implement a higher standard of “first-line release,” “second-line safe and efficient management,” the trade regulatory system, Shanghai Free Trade Port Zone will be under the premise of effective risk control, relying on information regulatory measures , Cancel or minimize the trade control measures for goods entering the territory, minimize first-line declarations, explore the implementation of exit-entry management systems in line with internationally accepted practices, and establish and improve a risk prevention and control system.

“Our country is the largest intermediate producer of trade and there is great potential for offshore trade and will drive the development of related services. With a substantial increase in trade, there will naturally be corresponding demand for financial services such as the direct delivery of commodities in Shanghai, Trading, you need the formation of the international trading market.Different currency transactions, financial settlement, etc., relates to the capital issue is open.Although the opening up in the foreseeable future, but offshore, in special areas with special accounts Is feasible at the same time, supporting services, warehousing, transportation, transit, etc., including investment, but also because of the development of offshore business to follow. “Chen Bo said.

However, interviewed experts also said that the offshore business requires more stringent customs control technology and liberalization of customs policies, and the corresponding policy regulation needs to be improved.

An expert who has studied Free Trade Area for many years said that the establishment of a free trade port, trade-oriented enterprises can enjoy the world’s cheapest free trade, shipping warehousing may have a lot of business to enhance, thus making financial services agencies have potential business needs .

Shanghai first

In addition to the Free Trade Port Zone proposed by the Free Trade Zone of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Zhejiang Free Trade Pilot Zone has also set itself the development target of initially establishing a free trade zone and is paving the way for international standards and promoting oil products as the core International trade liberalization of commodities. In addition, the multiple batches divided by the three batches of pilot free trade zones involve a number of port areas.

Ren Xuefeng, secretary of Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee, said that exploring the construction of Nansha Free Trade Port with the spirit of reform and innovation, making new breakthroughs in development and construction of Nansha, and building a demonstration zone for deep cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Xiamen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Peijin Jia said Xiamen will explore to create an upgraded version of the free trade pilot area, and strive to build a free trade port.

Luzhou municipal party committee secretary Jiang Fu said that Luzhou is an important area in Sichuan Free Trade Zone, and Luzhou should take advantage of the port and strive to build a free trade port.

Chen Bo predicts that Shanghai and Zhejiang are the places most likely to be free trade harbors. Zhejiang Free Trade Area is the island, originally a port area, complementing Yangshan Port, it can be said that Shanghai Free Trade Port Extension, not reflect the external demand of Zhejiang, but the Shanghai International Shipping Center of the auxiliary area.

“Second, Zhejiang is the petrochemical storage base of PetroChina, suitable for trading and transportation of oil products.” Chen Bo believes.

Sun Yuanxin believes that the future may be phased trial, first in Shanghai, Zhoushan, and then further expand.

On October 26, Peak Spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry of Commerce is working with Shanghai Municipality and relevant departments to study and formulate the relevant construction plans for the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. At the same time, Zhejiang Free Trade Zone has also formulated a plan for the initial establishment of a Free Trade Port Zone.

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