Shenzhen front sea free trade area (free port) introduction


April 27, 2015 at 9 am, as part of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone, one of the former Shenzhen Shekou Free Trade (free port) Area will be held in the sea before the listing ceremony.

The former sea Shekou Free Trade Area will pay more attention to financial functions, superimposed after the FTA policy, the former sea Shekou Area will focus on promoting the RMB internationalization, interest rate and exchange rate market reform, focusing on “RMB capital projects convertible, cross-border renminbi business Innovation, Shenzhen and Hong Kong financial markets interoperability, investment and financing facilitation “and other aspects of the pilot, to support the construction of Hong Kong offshore RMB center.

Relying on Shenzhen and Hong Kong, look at the international. Before the birth of the Shekou Free Trade Zone was given at the beginning of the extraordinary mission, one is the most “international Fan” in Shenzhen region, a Shenzhen reform started the “first shot” of the place, and now this new and old fusion will burst how Sparks, interpretation of what kind of time and space dance.

Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone will focus on six aspects of reform and innovation, to promote the “Shenzhen Port Hong Kong” in the form of the 21st century to build the core of the Silk Road, the core hub and an important gateway to create a new benchmark for the free trade zone. Six major reform and innovation, including the rule of law construction, administrative services, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao cooperation, financial openness and innovation, international trade integration functions, shipping logistics. Among them, in the construction of the rule of law, the former sea Shekou Free Trade Area will explore the expansion of the legal system in the opening of the first pilot, and gradually launched with international standards, close to Hong Kong, in line with the modern law of service development and national reform and innovation requirements of laws and regulations , The establishment of the former sea Shekou free trade area of ​​the basic legal system and institutional framework for the construction of international practice in line with the rules and system of the first way to explore and accumulate experience.

Administrative services, the former sea Shekou free trade area will explore the “Internet +” administrative service model. In addition, the former Shekou Free Trade Zone will further expand the opening of the free trade pilot area to Hong Kong and Macao services, and continuously enhance the degree of trade liberalization between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and build a modern service with scientific structure, high internationalization and strong radiation capability. system

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    Shenzhen front sea free trade area (free port) introduction, it is very good for shenzhen city and around this area.

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