Tangier Freeport


Tangier is a historic city. According to archaeologists, Tangier Freeport was built by the Phoenicians in the 6th century BC, known as Ding Guisi, one of the oldest cities in the world, when the Tangier was important to the Phoenicians Trade Station.

Historically, Tangier has been repeatedly occupied by the aliens, the war has been hovering in this land. Shortly after the Phoenicians built the city, the Krk Falkers drove the Phoenicians out of the Tangier; soon, the Vandals occupied them again; after the Vandals, the Romans came here, Became the capital of Mauritian Djitintana; the Romans were Byzantines; the Byzantines followed the Visigoths; the seventh century, the Arabs occupied Tangier, renamed Dan Jie, meaning “vast Bayesian, where they stayed in the 15th century; in 1471, Portugal occupied the city; in 1662, the Spaniards were crowded with the Portuguese; 100 years later, Tangier again for the British occupation; until 1684, Morocco But in 1912, France became Morocco into its “protectorate”, and Tangier in 1923 into an international condominium, as “international free city” by the British, France, West, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and other European countries and the subsequent US representatives formed a long-term jurisdiction of the Joint Commission (World War II in the Spanish occupation).

Morocco was independent in 1956, the same year, the Moroccan government to recover the sovereignty of Tangier, “international co-management” state was canceled. In 1962, Morocco announced that Tangier was a free port, and in 1965, Tangier was turned into a free trade zone.

Jill is divided into two parts: the new town and the old town. New towns are mostly European-style buildings, high-rise buildings, street wide straight, luxurious hotels and chic and elegant houses particularly eye-catching. Strip street flowers and bustling, street park can be seen everywhere, the whole city like a green ocean. There are also North African universities.

And the old city such as “one thousand and one night” in the depiction of the scene: house-intensive, style mix, street staggered, everywhere is the shop, stalls and hand workshops, all day long sea of ​​people, noisy lively, if it is the first visit here, Just as into the maze in general, can not tell the southeast northwest, could not find the export entrance. The oldest city is the most prosperous place is the big Soko Square, where has always been a commercial square. Square around the cafe, exudes a rich taste of mint tea, grocery goods in a dazzling array of clothing stores and silk shop is more colorful.

Tangier is also a famous free port, harbor situation risk, port water depth of 5.8 to 9 meters, there are five terminals; Hong Kong built a breakwater. Tangier port exports a small number of goods, mainly leather, cork, citrus, vegetables, canned fish and other exports; import commodities are mainly food and sugar.

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