The construction of a free trade port is a major measure for China’s full opening up


At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed “giving greater reform autonomy to the Pilot Free Trade Zone and exploring the construction of a free trade port.” The construction of a free trade port is not only a major move for our country to promote the formation of a new pattern of full liberalization, but also an important measure for proactively following the new pattern of global economic governance and new rules for investment in international trade. It will surely have a far-reaching impact on the development of China’s export-oriented economy in the future.

Free trade port is located in the territory of the country and the territory, the customs control points outside, allowing free access to foreign goods, capital, access to all or most of the goods entering and leaving the port of duty free port area. Currently ranked the world’s container port transshipments first, second place in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, are implementing the policy of free port, to attract a large number of containers to transit, lay the hub of the world’s container hub.

At present, exploring and building a free trade port in our country is of great strategic significance.

The first is to comply with the new pattern of global economic governance. After the financial crisis era, a new pattern of global economic governance is taking shape. At present, the global economic recovery is sluggish and trade protectionism is on the rise. According to statistics from the World Trade Organization, from October 2015 to May 2016, the Group of Twenty newly added and implemented 145 Trade restrictions, an average of 12 per month, a substantial increase over the previous year. On the other hand, with the closer links between our country and the rest of the world, the degree of integration into the world is getting deeper and deeper. FTAs ​​have been established, the “Belt and Road Initiative” has been advocated, the AIIB has been established and a new open economy system has been established. China has established A new pattern of opening up to the outside world At present, it is proposed that exploring and building a free trade port should at the right time help our country test the new rules and standards of international trade and economic cooperation and accumulate experiences in participating in bilateral, multilateral and regional cooperation in the new situation so as to provide reference for conducting negotiations with developed countries such as the United States. Thus providing strong support for China in participating in the formulation of the new international economic and trade rules.

Second is to release more system dividends and promote China’s economic restructuring and upgrading. Exploring to build a free trade port not only helps to promote trade activities but also accelerates the flow of factors. It also forces the country to speed up the pace of reform and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s economy through greater openness.

Lastly, it is the building of an innovative system that will promote full-scale opening up and development in depth. System construction is an important part of building a free trade port. Through the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, the free trade port will also become the “experimental field” of system innovation. From an international perspective, the important direction for the construction of a free trade port is to end the examination and approval system and gradually establish an investment access management system that is “mainly based on the post-admittance supervision and supplemented by the permit management of the access to the former negative list, and promote Facilitate foreign investment, create conditions for multinational corporations to operate and cooperate, and promote the breadth and depth of opening up.

“The winds and waves will occasionally reach the sea of ​​clouds and sail directly.” Exploring and building a free trade port is a major innovation in promoting the formation of a new pattern of full opening to the outside world, pointing out the direction for the open-ended economic development in the coming period. I believe that “China’s opening up The door will not be closed, will only open more and more “, I believe the Chinese economy will be better tomorrow.

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