Why did the free trade port choose to explore and build in Hainan?


As we all know, Hainan is one of the five special economic zones in China. Among the five special economic zones, Hainan is also distinctive, and its area is far more than the sum of the four special zones of Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and Xiamen.

Why did the free trade port choose to explore and build in Hainan?

The Beiqing reporter noted that Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech on the 13th that Hainan is China’s largest special economic zone and has a unique geographical location. It has the best ecological environment in the country, and at the same time it is a relatively independent geographical unit and has become a national experimental field for reform and opening up. The unique advantages. Talking about Hainan Island’s construction of a free trade pilot zone and gradually exploring and steadily advancing the construction of a free trade port with Chinese characteristics, Xi Jinping also mentioned that this is the focus of the Party Central Committee on international and domestic development, in-depth research, overall consideration, and scientific planning. Major decision-making is a major measure that demonstrates China’s determination to expand its opening to the outside world and actively promote economic globalization.

“Hainan is the smallest province on the land, but it is the largest province in the ocean. The future obeys China’s marine development strategy and moves toward a free trade port, not only the need for Hainan’s own development, but also an overall strategy for China’s opening to the outside world throughout the new period. It will play an important strategic role in promoting the next round of reform and opening up in our country.” Chi Fulin, Dean of the China (Hainan) Institute of Reform and Development, told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter.

According to Xiao Jincheng, former director of the National Development and Regional Economic Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission and vice president of the China Regional Economic Association, Hainan is a window for reform, opening up, and innovation. Since the establishment of a special economic zone in the province, it has been the first in many respects. Try it first. In addition, Hainan is an island after all. The establishment of non-tariff areas must be physically isolated, and isolation in the Mainland is relatively difficult.

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