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Free trade zone generally refers to more than two countries or regions, through the signing of free trade agreements, on the basis of WTO MFN treatment, mutual further opening up the market, phasing out the vast majority of goods tariff and non-tariff barriers in the service sector Improve the market access conditions, open investment, promote the free movement of goods, services, capital, technology, personnel and other factors of production, to achieve trade and investment liberalization, to achieve complementary advantages and promote common development, thus forming a cover all members of a Special functional area.

At present, there is no international organization in the world, from the international trade level to study the free trade zone, and as a bridge between the free trade zone to strengthen the cooperation between the various trade zones. The establishment of the World Federation of FTA, to complement this role vacancy, strengthen the world free trade zone cooperation. Through the provision of advisory services and other services for the free trade area, making the information from the trade area more convenient communication, improve cooperation efficiency, accelerate the free trade between countries, to maximize the role of free trade zone.

World Free Trade Zone Federation basic positioning

Association Name: World Federation of Free Trade Zones (World Federation of Free Trade Zones)

Nature: non-profit organization

4, free trade zone organization; 3, free trade zone; 4, free trade zone service enterprises; 5, free trade zone park enterprises; 6, free trade zone regulators

Vision: to promote cooperation in the world free trade zone, to do the promotion of free trade zone

Objective: Special consultative body of the United Nations Economic and Social Development Organization

World Federation of Free Trade Zones:
First, we can make full use of the free trade area as a commodity distribution center to further expand the regional and national export trade and entrepot trade, thereby enhancing its position in the global trade and energy level, and create more foreign exchange earnings;

Second, we can make full use of the free trade area as the position of international investment center, the use of regional tax, foreign exchange and other preferential policies to further attract foreign investment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and management experience;

Third, it is possible to make full use of the free trade area as an international logistics center. In general, through the port, transport hub and border areas to set up a free trade zone, can play a prosperous port, to stimulate the region and the national transport and logistics industry development role.

The World Federation of Free Trade Zones, as an international nonprofit organization, will fully implement the spirit of free trade and promote the deep cooperation between the free trade zones and fully tap the synergies of the free trade zones. And through the depth of the countries free trade zone research and exchange, developed into a special advisory body of the United Nations Economic and Social Development Organization.

World trade and economic development into a new normal, foreign trade development opportunities and challenges coexist, introduced, “going out” is facing a new development situation. The establishment of the World Federation of Free Trade Zone Free Trade Zone is an objective requirement for adapting to the new trend of economic globalization and an inevitable choice for the new system of open economy in the world.

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